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What We Do

We specialize in consulting with heavy-duty trucking OEM and aftermarket parts manufacturing, distribution, service, and fleet optimization companies.


The Heavy-Duty Industry is the backbone of society. Without it, our way of life ends, and people’s lives hang in the balance. We are committed to doing everything we can to empower heavy-duty people so that they can take care of all of us.

What Business Are We In?

We are in the business of empowering heavy-duty people to flourish.

Challenge. Empower. Act.

  • We challenge the status quo in the heavy-duty parts industry.
  • We empower heavy-duty people with the knowledge and tools they need to flourish.
  • We motivate people to grow their businesses.

Our DREAM is to TRANSFORM the heavy-duty parts industry worldwide.

Our VISION is to AWAKEN everyone who is called to Be Heavy-Duty and embrace a way of being that is resilient in the face of extreme circumstances and dedicated to creating continuous growth for themselves, their companies, and the heavy-duty parts industry.

Our PURPOSE is to INSPIRE the people who work in the heavy-duty parts industry to deepen their understanding of the critical role our industry plays in supporting society and to take responsibility for their individual role in making our world a better place.

Our MISSION is to CREATE the only Business Development System of its kind that is dedicated exclusively to the heavy-duty parts industry and is designed to empower heavy-duty people to flourish.

What We Believe

“Be Heavy-Duty” is more than a motto—it’s a call to action, a declaration of strength and resolve, an embodiment of the relentless drive that fuels our industry. When we say, “Be Heavy-Duty,” we’re paying homage to the tireless workers who are the lifeblood of the heavy-duty parts industry. It’s a nod to the long hours, the calloused hands, the gritty perseverance in the face of adversity.

This industry isn’t just about parts and machinery; it’s about people, the unsung heroes who keep our world moving. “Be Heavy-Duty” is about harnessing the resilience and grit embedded in our industry’s DNA. It’s about showing up, pushing forward, and relentlessly seeking growth—even when the going gets tough. We acknowledge that the work is hard, yet we rise to the challenge, as we believe there’s nobility in hard work, integrity in showing up every day, and honor in providing a service that’s essential to society.

To “Be Heavy-Duty” is to embody the spirit of resilience, authenticity, and unwavering determination that defines our industry and its heavy-duty people.

What We Believe At Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation

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3. Challenge. Empower. Grow.

Build and execute on a growth strategy that will transform your company.

The Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation serves Heavy-Duty parts manufacturers and distributors who want to excel in the areas of sales, marketing, eCommerce, and people & organization.

The company began as a branch of The Heavy Duty Parts Report, a leading industry podcast hosted by Jamie Irvine.

Consulting became a dire need as the pandemic rocked supply chains and traditional sales channels, and Jamie and his team guided dozens of companies through that time.

Now, the Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation stands on its own with dedicated staff and a network of industry experts ready to help your company succeed.

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