Grow Your Heavy-Duty Business

We help heavy-duty parts manufacturers, distributors, and repair centers solve problems in their business that are preventing them from growing as fast as they should be.


Think of your heavy-duty business as a truck that has an issue.


You’re not getting the performance you would expect out of your “truck” and there is a “check engine light” alerting you to a problem. This is costing you money now and has the potential to be a much larger problem if it is not addressed.


Think of our consulting firm as a repair center and our consultants as diagnostic specialists for your heavy-duty parts business. They will help you find the root cause of the issue and provide you with a plan to solve it permanently.


Sometimes your business is performing very well.


That can be the exact right time to reinvest in your heavy-duty business and increase its overall performance. But what “performance upgrades” should you invest in?


We’ve all seen a truck with too much horsepower at the wrong time destroy the driveline, transmission, or even the engine. Our consulting firm can help you upgrade the right things, at the right time, and verify that the rest of your business is ready for the increase in performance.

Your Path to Success

We’ve developed a proprietory process exclusively for heavy-duty parts companies:

  • Pre-Scan. Identify “fault codes” in your business. 
  • Root Cause Analysis. Make sure you know what the source of the problems are.
  • Develop a Strategy. You need a plan to eliminate the problems.
  • Execution of the Strategy. Weekly meetings with our consultants who guide you and your team as they take action.
  • Post-Scan. Ensure the “fault codes” have been cleared.
The Heavy Duty Consulting Corporations 5 Steps with Clients

Why Should You Choose Us?

Don't waste your time with consultants that don't understand the heavy-duty parts industry.

Work with people who get it and have already succeeded in selling millions of dollars of heavy-duty parts.

How do we help Heavy-Duty companies?

We are the only consulting company in the world dedicated exclusively to heavy-duty parts.


If you keep doing the same things everyone else is doing, you will get the same results everyone else is getting. If you want different results, something must change!
BUT WHAT? That’s the question we help our clients answer every day.

Training image that denotes training programs offered by the Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation (HDC)


Without the knowledge and tools, the job is always so much harder. All our courses come with personalized coaching and ongoing support from our consultants. Custom training programs and educational presentations for events are also available upon request.

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We help our clients promote their products and services to the trucking industry with our industry-leading podcast. With over 25,000 followers and 1M impressions generated every month, we can help you get your message heard. 

It’s easy to get started.

1. Meet with Us

Schedule your appointment so we can discuss your specific situation.

2. Pre-Scan

One of our consultants will conduct your Pre-Scan and prepare your report.

3. Get Your Strategy

We will provide you with a list of “fault codes” and the repair information needed to fix these problems.

The Heavy Duty Consulting Corporation exclusively serves heavy-duty parts manufacturers, aftermarket distributors, dealership groups, and repair centers that want to grow their heavy-duty parts business.

A consulting firm specializing in the heavy-duty parts industry has become needed as supply chains and traditional sales channels have been rocked by recent global events. We’ve guided dozens of heavy-duty parts companies through these challenging times and continue to provide services exclusively designed for the heavy-duty parts industry.

Additionally, we are the only consulting company in the world that offers its clients the ability to promote their products and services on an industry-leading podcast dedicated exclusively to the heavy-duty parts industry.

Meet With Us To Get Started

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